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The town of Jevíčko lies in the northern part of the picturesque and fertile region of “Malá Haná” becoming its natural centre. The “Malá Haná” region spreads from the town of Boskovice to the town of Městečko Trnávka and it is about 25 km long and 3 to 5 km wide. The region is part of a geological depression called the “Boskovická brázda” which geomorphologically divides the “Českomoravská vrchovina” from the “Drahanská vysočina”. “Malá Haná” is outlined with the ridges of the “Podorlická pahorkatina” in the north, with a short section of the “Zábřežská vrchovina” in the northeast and the “Drahanská vrchovina” in the southeast. Thousands of years of natural processes have created unusual scenery here, where hills surround scenic valleys with meadows and mostly coniferous woods.

The town of Jevíčko is one of the oldest towns in Moravia. It was founded in the early 13th century on an important trade route leading from the city of Olomouc to Prague, during colonization of this area. The feudal town of Jevíčko was first mentioned in a document by the Czech king Wenceslaus I in 1249. King Ottokar II of Bohemia chartered Jevíčko as a Royal town in 1258 with the Magdeburg law and the mile right.  Jevíčko retained status of Royal town until 1499 when it was then held by several noble families. Since it was founded the town has preserved its medieval town plan in the shape of radial development with a 14 850 m2 town square surrounded with regular street networks. The medieval housing area was enclosed by town walls about 1000 m long with four gates facing north, east, south, and west. The town fortification was strengthened by a wall tower near the western gate. The wall tower has become town’s most dominant feature visible from a large distance. The original gothic tower was raised up to the present 50.5 m in the late 16th century and its corners were decorated with renaissance drawing. The tower, which offers magnificent views, is open for visitors on demand. Other important sights include the baroque church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary re-built in a baroque style in 1762 to 1766 and the neighbouring former Augustinian monastery founded probably in 1370 by Jan, Margrave of Moravia. The next significant sight is a mansion which was built as a renaissance fortress in 1559 to 1569 by Prokop Podstatský of Prusínovice and his son, Jetřich. It now houses the town library, an information centre with a cultural hall and an art school on the 1st floor. Nearby is situated the grand building of the secondary grammar school called the Gymnasium, which was established in 1897 and open to the public in 1899. About 3 km westward, you can find a specialist medical institution (OLÚ Jevíčko), which has focused on the medication of lung diseases since the early 20th century. Nowadays the institution is mainly concerned with the diagnostics and medication of all forms of tuberculosis and nonspecific pulmonary diseases and therapeutic rehabilitation.

The town centre was declared to be a town conservation zone on the 1st November 1990 due to the preserved medieval town plan and a number of architectural and sculptural monuments. In 2008 the town of Jevíčko commemorated its 750th anniversary of being granted status of Royal town. The sightseeing tour, which wants to present a rich town history, its monuments and famous personalities, is called “Městský okruh” and was opened during the celebrations.

There are many reasons to visit the town of Jevíčko saide from its rich history. Visitors can explore the surrounding countryside by bike on its many cycling paths, or they can use the facilities of the recreational complex “Žlíbka” such as tennis courts and an outdoor swimming-pool, or they can go fishing at two reservoirs nearby. Accommodation is provided by several hotels and accommodation facilities in the town.

Further information can be found at the town website: We look forward to meeting you here in Jevíčko.
Město Jevíčko                                              
Palackého náměstí 1
569 43 Jevíčko
tel: 461 327 810
Information centre
Palackého nám. 1
569 43 Jevíčko
tel: 461 542 812, 736 752 611
fax: 461 542 413
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